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How Propecia Works For Men

propecia-boxMen are most affected by hair loss, especially around the top of the scalp. This is because this area has a tendency of responding to changes in the intensities of hormones in the body. Males have the sex hormone testosterone, which is important for the growth of the physical features. The levels increase significantly during puberty as boys prepare for adulthood. These hormones however affect the growth of hair. If the intensities are high, then hair loss will occur. And, since the scalp is sensitive, it responds to the changes by shedding off the hair.

The testosterone is turned to DHT in the presence of 5-alpha-reductase. DHT is a hormone that is important for growth and development of an unborn male child. As one grows up, the hormone has no functions in the body. It is meant to be discharged, but the body may retain it and produce more. The hormone is transported to the scalp where it sticks onto hair follicles. Hair follicles are not able to ‘eat’ because of this. Lack of nutrients will lead to early death of follicles. Thin hair begins to be noticed on the top of the scalp and as time goes on a bald spot. Thus treatments that will ensure growth of hair in this area are required.

There is medication that can be used in the treatment of balding heads called Propecia. This medication comes in the form of drugs and is classified an aza-steroid. How Propecia works is by targeting the DHT and stopping its production and its action of sticking onto the follicles. The 5-alpha-reductase is bound up such that it does not react with testosterone. By inhibiting the hormone, the loss of hair stops. Continuous use of the drugs will show that the hair follicles produce more hair. The thin hair will have more volume and the bald spots are covered.

Propecia has a few side effects that are not very serious and soon fade away. These include a reduction of the amount of semen produced and decreased sexual desire. These are only short term and normality returns shortly afterwards. With other drugs, the side effects are prolonged and may worsen or become permanent.

The drug is very effective for use by men. It is a different story for women who may use the drug, as it works on the hormones present in men. The drug is hazardous to the health of unborn children. Women who handle the drugs have male babies with defects. This is because the action of the DHT is not normal, which means the features of the male will not develop, leading to defects.

A pharmacist can tell how Propecia works before you buy the drug. Propecia can be bought in any pharmacy and even online. It is safe to use, as it has been approved by the FDA. This means it was first tested before being put on the market, so you will be guaranteed that it does work. Don’t expect miracles, as all good hair comes to those who wait.

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